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XBD—W type horizontal single

XBD-W series of fixed fire exclusive use pumps are our newly developed products in accordance with the domestic need of pumps for structural fire protection and their use characteristics. This series of pumps are mainly used for the fire supply in industry and city architecture.

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XBD—W type horizontal unit price fire pump set

  1. XBD-W series of fixed fire exclusive use pumps are our newly developed products in accordance with the domestic need of pumps for structural fire protection and their use characteristics. This series of pumps are mainly used for the fire supply in industry and city architecture.
  2. This series of products are famous for their endurable applying, wide range of performance parameter, convenient installation, low noise and small vibration. The pump unit runs smoothly and reliably. Their advantages can also be seen from their long working time, little space—occupying and capital-saving.
  3. Pump model and value
    1. XxXBD O/0G-W
    2. Tse stage horizontal fire pump fire water supplies
    3. (L/S) the flow rate of the pump
    4. (MPa) the 10 times rated exit pressure of the pump electric machine driving fire pump set
  4. Direction of pump rotation: seen down from the electric machine, the pump runs clockwise.
  5. The implement standards of the pump: GB6245-2006 Fire Pump.

XBD-W type of pumps is cubic in structure, and their inlet and outlet lie in the same horizontal line.

  1. Pump casing: The discharge and suction volute chamber are designed in according with the superior hydrodynamic model and the foot bolts are integrated together with the casing, this construction make the pump more perfect and high efficiency. It also is very convenient for installation.
  2. Shaft: using the quality steel and low noise slide bering,and plating chrome, strength—en the shaft service life and lower noisy.
  3. Sealing: adopt the first-rate quality of mechanical seal or particular material seal.
  4. Pump gauge: To install the pressure gauge or vacuum pressure gauge.
  5. Drainage water hole: Draining water when the pump does not operate.
  6. Exhaust cock: When priming the water into the pump,take out the air of inside of pump and ensure the pump starts.
  7. Filling gland: If the fller of the pump leaks heavily,then press the filing gland horizontally 2-3mm lower.
  8. Impeller: Type IS pump’s hydrodynamic model is utilized on this type of pump with features of high efficiency and no hump on the performance curve.
  9. The current surface is corrosively—proof.

Installation and debugging

  1. You should carefully check if there is hard matter in the interval channel before installation, for fear that the operation will damage the blade wheel and the pump body.
  2. Don’t add the pipeline weight to the pump when installation, for fear that the pump deformation influence the normal working.
  3. To screw up the foundation bolt tightly,for fear that the vibration will influence the performance of the pump when start-up to operation.
  4. In order to control the pump runs at the rated condition,and ensure its normal operation,please install the regulating valve at the inlet and outlet pipeline of the pump,and install the pressure gauge near the pump outlet.
  5. Discharging pipeline,and if possible,please install the check valve on the outside of the gate valve.

Start-up and power off

  1. Preparation before the start-up
    1. 1f you turn the coupling of the pump with hand the blade wheel should rotate freely without jamming.
    2. To open the inlet valve and air release valve,so the whole pump chamber is filled with water,and then close up the air release valve.
    3. Please turn the pump with hand,and let the lubricating liquid into the mechanical seal face.
    4. To inch the electric motor,and confirm that the direction is correct or not.
  2. Start-up and running.
    1. To fully open the inlet valve and close up the valve of outlet pipeline.
    2. To put through the power supply;when the pump run normally,and then open gradually the valve of the outlet pipeline;the reading of the pressure gauge is same as the rated pressure of the pump.
    3. Please pay attention to the reading of the meter and seal eakage. On normal condition,the leakage rate af the mechanical seal is 3 drops per minute,and that of the filing seal is 60 drops per minute,at the same time,the temperature rise of the electric motar and bearing is below 80c.Once unusual thing happen,you should deal with them an time.
  3. Power off
    1. To close up the valve of the outlet pipeline,and cut off the power supply.
    2. To close up the inlet valve.
    3. If the environmental temperature is below 0,you should exhaust the water in the pump,to avoid from frost cracking the pump body.
    4. if the pump is not used for a long time,you should disassemble it and clean it pack it and keep it well.

Maintenance about pump.

  1. The inlet pipeline and pump body must be filled with water and don’t let the pump runs for a long time under the cavitation.
  2. The mechanical seal lubricating liquid should be clean and without solid particle.
  3. To check up the current value of the electric motor at regular time and don’t let it is over the its rated current.


  • The document accompanied with the machine:each copy of the installation and operation instruction about pump,the pump product certificate,and product packing list.
  • Quality guarantee: Only the material of the over current parts of the pump meet with the requirement of the conveying medium,the user properly abide by the usage regulation, this factory will free repair or replace the product or parts which is damaged and not is used at working due of manufacture within 12 months after continuous operation from on the delivery date(Delivery form this factory). The wearing parts are not subject to the above limits.